Display 120+ lbs of product for 120+ days

Disappointed by your display's shelf life? Introducing SturdyStand™️

Get efficient. Get sustainable.
Get sales.

Dependability meets speed with SturdyStand™️, a state-of-the-art display with heavy-duty capacity and easy-breezy installation.

This proprietary, patent-pending design:

  • Installs in 90 seconds flat!
  • Holds 120 pounds of product for 120+ days
  • Fully customizable shelves and 360° creative
  • Reusable internal structure
  • Blue bin-friendly and available using recyclable or recycled materials

Ready to elevate your retail displays?

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Fast, simple installation

From flat shipped to fully assembled in less than 90 seconds, with no hardware or adhesives.


Strong and sturdy

Holds over 120 pounds of product for over 120 days—lasting month after month, campaign after campaign.


Blue bin-friendly

With hardware and adhesives left out SturdyStand is easily recyclable. Recycled stock available, too!

Simple, sales driving, and sustainable.
Get started with SturdyStand.

Stop struggling with bulky, complicated floor stands. Don't compromise on durability and sustainability.
Let's design a SturdyStand configuration just for you.

Configure, customize, and localize

Choose a SturdyStand configuration to fit your product and fit your needs.

  • Configurable with a variety of sizes
  • Add any number of shelves
  • Swappable headers, footers, and wings
  • Variable data printing to localize messaging

Creative refresh as easy as 1, 2, 3

The SturdyStand core can easily be reused with a new graphic wrap, header, and wings. 

Whether you're updating your messaging, launching a new campaign, or swapping out a whole new product, you can easily update creative with replaceable sleeves, headers, footers, and wingsall while continuing to use the same durable inner shell.

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Sustainability, start to finish

SturdyStand brings you sustainability well beyond recyclability. 

  • Start with optional recycled or recyclable materials
  • Reduce freight footprint with the patent-pending fold-flat, ship-flat design
  • Reduce waste with swappable creative and a durable inner shell
  • Simplify your waste stream with no adhesive, hardware, or tape
  • And, of course, responsibly dispose of the 100% blue bin-friendly components

Why trust us?

For over 20 years, many of the biggest consumer brands in the business have come to Imagine for no-excuses service and measurable results.
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  • Set up displays faster and easier
  • Capture shoppers’ attention and drive sales
  • Easily update creative whenever you need it
  • Bring sustainability to your in-store displays

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